FAME DISEASE is based on an original idea by writer Nessa Wrafter and co-written by Simon Killick. 

These sketches/webisodes will also be a co-production with Magic Alex Productions  - Kate Magowan & John Simm's production company.


Episodes 1 & 2 now available (See Below)


Fame Disease is a series of comedy sketches which poke fun at contemporary society's obsession with fame. The main character is our therapist - a Ph.D. in Fame disease, (specialising in celebrity disorder), has made her an expert in her field. but just when she thinks she has seen it all...in walks another case.

And with all the supposed glamour, comes a slew of side-effects.


A few reasons: Fame does strange things to people and can be a double-edged sword, instead of the promised land of perfection which it's often thought to be. Even if you've become famous for a skill beyond many others, sometimes the work gets lost in amongst the bullshit.

Plus, the golden age of Hollywood is long gone, where in order to become a "star" one had to earn it with buckets of talent. Now we find ourselves in the age of Heat magazine and influencers.

Perhaps we're showing our age, but we think there is something inherently ridiculous about becoming famous for simply talking your daily dose of bollocks on TV, or using anti-cellulite cream on the internet... 


Episode 1 - 'Celebrity Disorder'


The Reality TV Stars… ‘Celebrity Disorder’:

Mercedes and Garry met on Bigger Brother, and instantly

fell for the dollar signs they saw reflected

in one another’s eyes. It’s just that when that cameras

stoped rolling, they found themselves staring

into the abyss of real life. And they didn’t like it.

Style: Un-impartial observational documentary.


Episode 2 - 'The Rock Star'


The Rock Star: If Patsy from Ab Fab and Ronnie Wood had

a man baby - Jimi would be it. He’s has been around the block a

few times by now, though. No one wields a bass riff quite like

he can, but something is getting in the way of the music. His



Style: Acid dream, laced with inconvenient truth.


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