Annie, Suzy and Ruth are three old school friends, planning a weekend away. It’s been 20 years since they left Hillside, having made a vow never to come back. But they were teenagers then... Through phone conversations, car journeys and drunken honesty, we unravel a friendship group full of love, jealousy, betrayal and one crushing secret. 

The women don’t see each other as much as they would like but they have a firm, sisterly which is linked by more than love. They're able to tease each other and although they sometimes dig each other out a bit too much, if the shit hits the fan they come together. 


As the weekend unfolds, the ties that bind them are tested and they begin to remember the fourth member of their clique.  Elle is long gone, but memories linger, and haunt them all. Something sinister occurred back then. Was it of this earth...or merely witchcraft?

Drama Podcast by Nessa Wrafter