'Life on Wheels' has now been optioned and in Series One

Development with Sharp House TV. 


Created & Written by Simon Killick 

A six part comedy mock/doc series, documenting the life Barry Wright, known to some in his community as ‘Del Boy on Wheels’... And not just because he carries a fair bit of bravado, but also because of his passion to succeed in life. Like Del Boy, he too has flirted with success in the past. He’s a nearly but not quite guy who never gives up (or a pain in the arse as we call them in Essex). I’m not even sure he would know what to do with himself even if he did succeed.


S O H O is a crime thriller set in the grimy underworld of central London’s most iconic village, in the early 1960s. Two very different worlds collide in pursuit of a vanished girl and together they weave a trail in search of the ever-elusive truth.

In the narrative tradition of Altman’s Short Cuts or Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia, our ensemble of diverse characters skim through the lives of one another. Their interwoven fates apparent to the viewer, if not always to themselves. 

Drifters, dreamers and hustlers come here to be equal because boundaries of class, race, sexuality and hedonism are blurred in this tiny pocket of the West End. Survival, with style. 

Klick Productions' Nessa Wrafter & Kate Magowan of Magic Alex Productions are currently in development with The Kernel Factory on TV series SOHO, and are writing the pilot script.



Nessa created an original podcast, THE FATAL CURE, which she been developing

with Julian Simpson at Storypunk.

THE FATAL CURE is a series which revolves around a psychotherapist who refuses to believe that the folkloric gift of being able to cure others was bestowed upon her by her dying father.

Through therapy sessions with her patients and the lives of those around her, she travels through a world of modern Irish mythology. As she does so, the truth of her lineage becomes ever more apparent, and increasingly hard to bear.

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